Flexible Container Bag

Flexible Container Bag

We provide Jumbo Bags for industrial products with capacities up to 2,000 kg. Our jumbo bags are made domestically with quality materials. In addition, the quality of our jumbo bags is stable because they are made with international standard machines and the production process refers to the Japanese company system. We can make various kinds of jumbo bags according to customer needs and requests.

Design Options

Industry Applications

Quality Test

PLK Machine

The whole body of the jumbo bag and belt is sewn by an automatic sewing machine so that the quality is stable.

PT. Hagihara Westjava Industries

Inner Materials Inspection Machine

We will inspect the entire inner surface for contamination using this machine. Only the inner with the best quality will continue to the next process.

PT. Hagihara Westjava Industries

Contamination Check ​

Each jumbo bag will be given air to be checked for any contamination such as thread or other contaminants left in the jumbo bag.

Metal Detector

We use this machine to detect metal contamination in the jumbo bag before sending it to the customer.